Calendar 2024: Dragon River
Calendar 2024: Dragon River
Calendar 2024: Dragon River
Calendar 2024: Dragon River
Calendar 2024: Dragon River
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Calendar 2024: Dragon River

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This year's calendar has been dyed again.
It is an A2 size poster calendar. The online store offers an extra sticker as a purchase bonus!

Calendar for 2024: [Dragon River ]

Once upon a time, deep in the remote mountains, rain fell with a thunderous roar. The rain flowed down the mountain and turned into a dragon. The dragon became a home for many creatures, and people cultivated their fields with the water shared by the dragon and lived in gratitude for the abundant blessings. The dragon became known as the "Tenryu River. Today, few people know the true nature of the river, but when one surrenders oneself to its current, one is enveloped in a magical feeling as if one were flying in the sky on the dragon's back. Today, the river flows powerfully into the sea. *This story is a fiction and has nothing to do with the real "Tenryu River.

Size A2 size, 420 x 594mm
Material : Paper (Takehada 110kg)/ *The item to be sold is a print.

Shipping : Shipped rolled into a tube (if you purchase more than 1 sheet and less than 3 sheets, we will stack them and roll them into a tube). (If you purchase more than 1 piece and less than 3 pieces, we will stack them and roll them into a cylinder. If you purchase more than 3 pieces, please contact us by e-mail to discuss the shipping cost.

Before ordering

The original artwork was produced by stencil dyeing, but this product is a print.
The colors of the product images may differ from the actual product depending on your display, viewing environment, and shooting conditions.

For customers who order other products together with the calendar

The calendar will be shipped rolled into a tube and posted in the mailbox. If they do not fit in the mailbox, the postman may take them home at his discretion. Please respond to the absence slip. If you purchase a tenugui (hand towel) or paper goods together with the calendar, the shipping method will be different. Tenugui hand towels and paper goods will be sent by sealed envelope. Please understand that one of them may arrive before the other.