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When we learned that crocodile eat stones to make their bodies heavier so that they can sink more easily in water, it made me smile and wonder if they were missing a step in their evolution. Do you see one very long Crocodile or five Crocodiles here?

*Later on we found out that crocodile eat stones for better digestion. 

Size : approx. 35×90cm

Material :Cotton 100% Tokuoka

Chusen Print

There is no one thing that is the exactly the same because All process are done manually by hand.

Due to differences in monitors, colors of products may appear different to those shown on the site. The edges of the tenugui are left un-hemmed for quick wash and dry purposes . Please enjoy the natural fraying. Fraying stop at approx. 1cm from both sides after a few washes.

-Handling precautions-

Although you can wash in a washing machine, we recommend using a washing net to prevent entanglement and friction.

Avoid hot water, fluorescent agents and detergents containing bleach.

If you leave it wet, color transfer may occur. Drain water immediately after washing and dry in the shade.